The Port Statistics Department is the point of entry documents in provenan that shipping agencies installed in Djibouti. This department receives shipping documents called manifests in two different formats : -

in paper format

in electronic format : text file

And other document for ventilation to the various departments of the Port.

It is in the context of the abandonment of DP World's IT systems and the setting up of a new entity called Port of Djibouti SA, the Statistics Department wishes to acquire a high-performance, secure and secure information system. adapted to the expectations of the electronic management .

The needs of the Port Statistics Department are divided into two main parts :

- Transmission of data to billing         

- Use of data and reporting .         

This study was conducted in collaboration with the Chief of Statistics Department of the Port of Djibouti and his main collaborators. A set of meetings allowed users to expose the management of manifests provided by shipping agents and its transmission for billing but also and especially the management of data for statistical purposes. 

We would like to express our thanks to all the staff of the Statistics Department for the welcome and collaboration in the realization of this study. And we are convinced that with such a state of mind, the Statistics Department will have an operational and efficient information system .

3) Problem Definition and Needs Identification      


a. Problem definition


The Port Statistics Department has of a set of staff for processing for error correction and finalization clear from the shipping agencies . To accomplish this task, ie the software uses personal e indeed ' Tilman' which was designed for the direct manipulation of the file 's manifest in EDI format and the Excel spreadsheet. 


it is therefore almost impossible 


Therefore, the E System E actual manual used by the Statistical Division  is bulky, slower and can present handling errors, it would be useful to include a remedy that will be automated management using the Computer.

In other words, to fill the limits mentioned above the current manual system, it would therefore be necessary to develop an IT solution that meets the requirements and needs of the statistical division and that optimally manages the activities of the statistical division.


b. Identification of needs


The existing system, for all the reasons mentioned above , is no longer adapted to present and future needs and expectations. The need for a new system has become essential in order to manage the statistics department, improve the service rendered and facilitate the work of the staff.

As a result a fter year Alyse all the needs of Statistics Division, our goal is to implement a successful IT solution that will result in the design and development of software Customized celui- it , of in order to offer optimal management of the latter by automating the tasks to be performed .



Therefore, this Software will allow: -  



4) Presentation of the DjibShips software and its functionalities.      


The DjibShips Software is a software that allows the processing of a large number of structured files in EDI format and containing data manifest s goods from maritime agencies as well as generating reports for analysis of statistical data,   in a time well below the time required in the manual system .

The main features of DjibSoft software are : -

a) File Maintenance s containing the different codes used s in the program :      


b) processing the data of e the EDI original from Agen these maritime.     

  Extraction and EDI data conversion from e file s from the Maritime Agents and backup of this s data   as tables in the relational database type Server SQL whose data are structured by apparent goods (by ship and travel number ) and by bill of lading.

  For each selected manifest :

The 'a nalysis of all lading s and the generation of log file containing the type and nature of all the are any errors that may be present due to the different functions and tools error detection software available .          

L a c orrection and update directly to s errors or non-valid data being in the manifest by reference to the log which has been generated .      

  Export ation d es data goods manifest in Excel format for their verification and their importation of these same file s to update the database. 


c) Generation of file s final EDI error free.     

c1) If the selected manifest  is error-free , this module allows the generation of files whose manifest data are structured in the format 'Dpaman EDI' which will be loaded by the Sage software for invoicing . 


d) Generation of Reports.    

c2) The module g generation use reports allows to directly extract from the database the information desired by the direction of the statistical division.   The extracted information can be :  

Display directly on the computer screen.      

Send to the default printer.      

Export to a file format like Excel.     

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